Welcome to the Rebel Tour Website.

Please feel free to browse the site & download any pictures that you would like. If you email any that you have from the 2010 Tenerife tour then please email them to Darren Groom & we will try to include them.

The Rebel Tour was a splinter group that broke away from a local group of golfers that were mainly members at Tadmarton Heath Golf Club. We used to go on a golfing tour every year & towards the end it centred around Le Touquet in France.

The golf courses here were lovely & a pleasure to play, but it became very expensive in the evening to eat & drink & the weather was not unlike home! Well at the end of September it's very inclement & it's no fun if you are having to play in a freezing down pour!

We decided to have a look around & Portugal was suggested. Sean had a contact called Ian in the Vista Mar in Burgau & he offered us an excellent deal on the accommodation. We booked Easyjet flights out of Luton & booked golf courses at Boa Vista, Parc de la Flouresta & Palmares & low & behold the Rebel Tour was born.

Initially we only had 16 members but the tour has been up to 28 and has now settled at 24.